At GTX we are very experienced in the handling and installation of our clients' furniture, fixtures & equipment. This ranges from hanging headboards, artwork and mirrors to the placing of items in required positions. We understand the time it's taken for items to be made and shipped so at all times our team takes great care in the handling of these items.

Our team of installers works very closely with our project managers and is regularly involved in discussing the ongoing project and forward planning. This gives our whole team the knowledge of what our client expects and needs us to accomplish.

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Our Project Services Include

  • Attend all required projects
  • Review drawings to ensure inventory and order accuracy
  • Create individual room drawings to ease the installation process flow
  • Product staging
  • Arrange product pickup and delivery
  • Complete deficiency walk-through with client or representative to ensure satisfaction

Some Of The Brands We Work With:

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  • gtx_brand-2.jpg
  • gtx_brand-3.jpg
  • gtx_brand-4.jpg
  • gtx_brand-5.jpg
  • gtx_brand-6.jpg